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Brexit - Good or bad news?

Brexit - Good or bad news?.

With the Brexit negotiations set to begin very soon it is difficult to see whether the end result for the hospitality sector will be positive or negative. We will weigh up both and bring you our own verdict.

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Hospitalities biggest worry

Hospitalities biggest worry.

A report was done by premier provider of executive search, leadership consulting and culture shaping worldwide "Heidrick & Struggles" in association with the British Hospitality Association that looked into what big hospitality businesses are concerned about going forward.

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Restaurants need to adapt

Restaurants need to adapt.

Restaurants are being prompted to offer more vegan and vegetarian options on their menus, as there is a gradual increase in the amount of people cutting down on meat.

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Do you have paying guests? Fire Guidelines

Do you have paying guests? Fire Guidelines.

In the Hospitality sector a large majority of us have guests, and some provide sleeping accommodation for those guests. If you fall into this category this post is important for you to read!

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Government warned about recruitment for hospitality industry post-Brexit

Government warned about recruitment for hospitality industry post-Brexit.

With all the apparent increases in business for the Hospitality industry with a weak pound and an increase in staycations it would seem that Brexit is a positive thing for the industry... Or is that so?

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UK hospitality sector is set to get a boost

UK hospitality sector is set to get a boost.

Good news for the UK hospitality sector as it is set for a successful year, with an expected rise in staycations and increasing interest in the UK as a holiday destination.

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UK Haddock is becoming scarce

UK Haddock is becoming scarce.

UK Haddock has become a scarce resource, leading to a forced reduction in supply. How could this effect the Hospitality industry?

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The National pub of the year award goes to...

The National pub of the year award goes to....

Pubs seem to be a dying breed in the UK, as in 2015 they were closing at a rate of 27 a week. However there is always a silver lining.

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Transport in style

Transport in style.

When your guests arrive at your location, you want to make a lasting impression. Because of this we have researched ways that you can transport your guests not only in comfort, but also some style.

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Marquees for events

Marquees for events.

When holding an event at your facilities it is important to impress your guests, or even people who are just visiting, as this will make you more memorable. As a result your guests will want to return as soon as they can and visitors will want to spend money at your location and potentially become a new customer.

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Beautiful fountains

Beautiful fountains.

If you are running a holiday park, or any kind of hospitality related business with land to play with, it is important to keep your surroundings looking idyllic and picturesque. This keeps your visitors engaged and makes them feel appreciative and comfortable in their surroundings.

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Fast dispensing food & drink

Fast dispensing food & drink.

When it comes to hospitality customers often expect fast service, especially when they are paying good money. This is especially true for food and drink, as customers may want to be nourished on the go or while they are doing an activity.

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