UK hospitality sector is set to get a boost.

UK hospitality sector is set to get a boost

Good news for the UK hospitality sector as it is set for a successful year, with an expected rise in staycations and increasing interest in the UK as a holiday destination.

Research done by Barclays has uncovered that 63% of international tourists are more interested in UK holidays compared to the previous year, according to around 10,000 respondents from Europe, the US, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

This should therefore translate into an increase in foreign visitors to the UK for holidays, which would boost the Hospitality sector as a whole. Everything from catering, hotels, resorts and restraunts to activity suppliers and travel agents.

We are not only set for more foreign tourists this year, according to the study. But also we are set for more domestic tourism. As 30% of UK respondents said they are expecting to spend more of their holiday in the UK this year, and 39% also said that domestic holidays represent better value for money than before.

Hopefully this reports findings and predictions materialise in the near future.

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