Government warned about recruitment for hospitality industry post-Brexit.

Government warned about recruitment for hospitality industry post-Brexit

With all the apparent increases in business for the Hospitality industry with a weak pound and an increase in staycations it would seem that Brexit is a positive thing for the industry... Or is that so?

They say there are two sides to every coin, well this is definitely the case with Brexit's spill over effects. As different large companies in the industry including Luxury hotel group Hyatt has warned "life could become very difficult" for the UK hospitality industry after Brexit if the access to foreign workers is even slightly restricted.

This may not be very far from accurate as at least 15% of the industries workers are made up of EU citizens alone, which works out at over 675,000 people. That is around the population of Cornwall! Would the UK be able to replace those workers in future generations with British workers?

A resulting recruitment gap may loom, but others in the industry are more optimistic about the effects of Brexit as another large hotel chain EAME stated.

"There have been great employment figures and economy is the strongest in the EU" since Brexit. So perhaps this will be a false alarm?

We hope you enjoyed this post and hope Brexit has a positive effect on your business.

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