Transport in style.

Transport in style

If you are lucky enough to have relatively large facilities at your location getting your guests to walk everywhere is a tad cruel, and probably wouldn’t go down very well! Therefore a lot of businesses in the Hospitality sector have modes of transport for them.

When your guests arrive at your location, you want to make a lasting impression. Because of this we have researched ways that you can transport your guests not only in comfort, but also in some style.


Yamaha Golf carts:

At Yamaha they are very proud of their golf buggies and golf utility vehicles. However they can (and have) customised and adapted these vehicles to suit a wider range of professional applications, one of these being golf buggies specifically for the Hospitality sector.

Their engineers are developing and improving the cars so that they can be proud to offer what they believe is the most technologically advanced golf car on the market for the hospitality industry.

Having a product from a company such as Yamaha means you can rely on the golf car to be reliable and well made. Therefore you can get on with more pressing issues that comes with running large facilities in an ever growing market.

To contact Yamaha about their cars you can ring 01932 358000 or alternatively fill out a short contact/query form on their website.

Hopefully this post gave you some valuable information and maybe showed you an option that you had not thought of before.




* Some text and images courtesy of Yamahas own website/brochure

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