Fast dispensing food & drink.

Fast dispensing food & drink

When it comes to hospitality customers often expect fast service, especially when they are paying good money. This is especially true for food and drink, as customers may want to be nourished on the go or while they are doing an activity.

This is why we have once again researched and spoken to numerous businesses supplying easily dispensable food and drink, and given you some options that could be of interest.



The SAHARAS idea is to create and combine the unique taste in their chilli nuts with memorable moments. The nuts are based on an Old Danish recipe, that is safe in a bank vault in Holland. That is one of the reasons why their nuts always have been recognized and known for their high quality.

SAHARAS Hot Nuts are heated in dispensers, which forms the centre of the Saharas System. The smart dispenser has been designed to look equally at home in traditional pubs or modern bars and other venues like e.g. cinemas, hotels and many others.

To get in contact with them you can call 01235 771 242 or visit them at 23 Salisbury House, 29 Finsbury Circus London, EC2M 5QQ.


Donna Italia:

The Donna Italia aim is to bring Italian joy to your life. Whether it is having coffee with your loved ones, enjoying a relaxing holiday or having a night out with your friends they say they want you to taste the Donna Italia experience and share their passion through their pizza ovens and pizzas themselves.

To get in touch either call 0333 5779333 or submit a message on their website.


My Coffee Station:

Their concept is to take high street coffee quality into areas where they can increase the pleasure of shopping and browsing for your customers and provide you with an additional source of revenue.

Providing this service to your customers has previously involved members of your staff being burdened with the maintenance and cleaning of complicated coffee equipment. However, Coffee Station offer to install the equipment, fill, clean and maintain free of charge.

To get hold of Coffee Station either email [email protected] or call 01384 264 919.

This post should give you some pointers as to different types of easy to access food and drink dispensers and services that are out there that your customers, and more importantly your business, could be benefitting from!



*Some text and images courtesy of Donna Italia, Saharas and Coffee Station's own websites.

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