Tents & Glamping.

Tents & Glamping

In this post we will discuss the benefits of using tents and Glamping to lure potential customers into visiting your site, and the different companies that can help you find or build the right one for you.

With more and more Brits staying in the UK due to "staycation", rather than travelling abroad, this has opened up an opportunity for the hospitality sector to capitalise on the increase in potential customers.

Due to this more companies are offering tents and glamping solutions to UK holiday goers and this is becoming ever more popular day by day! So to help you penetrate that market sector here are some companies who you could use their services, or get inspiration from how they have gone about their work.

Tree Tents:

Tree Tents brings together a unique team; friends with specialised and varied talents – a balloon and airship engineer, a precision machinist and aluminium fabrication guru and a sustainable product designer.

Their aim is to offer quality, handmade, low impact products and structures for you to enjoy your world with. An example of their work is the Red Kite Tree Tent, which you can check out on their website in the link above.

Or alternatively visit them or post to:

Tree Tents International
The Old Packing Shed
Brickyard Farm
Town Littleworth Rd.
East Sussex

Boutique Glamping:

Boutique Glamping have really got on the bandwagon of high quality Glamping tents and install glamping tents all over the UK, and even in parts of Germany and Australia.

The tents are manufactured in their own factory to your exact specifications and promise high quality and good value for money. They even have other products you can purchase that can be used by your customers while they stay in your lovely tent, such as hammocks, cushions, tables and much more.

You can contact them by email at [email protected] or call them on 0203 394 2986.

Lotus Belle:

Lotus Belle are an independent manufacturer of high quality glamping tents.

The sleek and aesthetically pleasing design maximises usable head-height space across the whole footprint of the tent. Their tents can easily be put up by one person, pack away in to a du­ffel bag, and perform superbly well in strong wind and heavy rain.

They offer a wide range of tents that emphasise the importance of space and build quality.

If you would like to contact them either call them on 07531 543488 or email [email protected]

We hope that this has given you some inspiration and has shown you the possibilities Glamping & tents have in the market during these times.


*Photos and some text courtesy of Tree Tents, Boutique Camping and Lotus Belle's own websites


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