Playgrounds - Suppliers.

Playgrounds - Suppliers

In a world that is putting more emphasis on getting people, especially kids, healthy and fit facilities such as playgrounds can be very useful. In this post we will show you some examples of playground suppliers that may help your visitors keep active.

Suppliers of playgrounds are finding newer and more cost effective materials to create playgrounds, with a variety of ideas away from the "traditional" school or park playground that most imagine. So here are some key examples among the many others we researched and spoke to.

Playground supplies:

Playground Supplies literally do everything you can think of when it comes to playgrounds, particularly for children. From swings and climbing units to sport goals and ropes.

They are also prided in being the only supplier in the UK who has the option of playgrounds with stainless steel, which makes them an interesting find.

To discover more call them on 01536 415143 or email [email protected]

Infinte Playgrounds:

The Infinite Playgrounds team assembles expertise and experience in design, building, education and research in a creative, passionate and highly skilled workforce. And very importantly to many, they are a family firm with family values.

They incorporate much more creative and engaging ideas in playgrounds for children than most, and a lot of their creations are attempting to keep children close to nature and the structures fit more seamlessly into the environment.

To contact them you can call on 0191 2666508 or email [email protected]


This company, The great outdoor gym company, are different to other competitors as they offer more of an active gym for all ages out in a playground location (such as a park) using high quality recyclable materials.

The outdoor gym even has the ability to power electricity and LED lights when in the dark and being used. As well as this their outdoor gym equipment is 100% designed, tested, manufactured and quality-controlled in the UK. So you can trust in the "Made in Britain" quality of the equipment too.

To get in touch with them either call 01795 373301 or email [email protected]


*Photos and some text courtesy of Playground supplies, Infinte Playgrounds and tgo's own websites


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