Keeping your guests entertained - Alternative sports.

Keeping your guests entertained - Alternative sports

There are many new revolutionised sports out there that have been updated to the 21st century, and finding new products that may spark your guests imagination can be tough. And with more and more start ups in the hospitality sector in the UK due to staycation, it has become even more important to be unique from the next competitors that are set to be springing up in the market.

So here are some new ways to get your potential customers interested in visiting you, with a couple of companies we have spoken to and researched.



A new way of playing sports in a fun way is sweeping the nation, with less emphasis on winning and more emphasis on the social side and keeping active. This is where Glowsports come in. They enable you to buy the licence to play a variety of different traditional games such as badminton, football, volleyball etc. but with florescent UV lights and paint!

Their email is [email protected] and phone number is 01452 690420 if you want to contact them.

Snooker Football:

As it says on the tin, an adaption of both Snooker and football brought together. And with 2+ players of any even number being able to play, on a easily inflated pitch it is simple and can be played by many different groups of clients.

To get hold of Snooker football either email [email protected] or visit their website

Both of these potential options could give your business something different to offer, and give you that all so important edge in a market that is set to keep growing in the future.


*Photos courtesy of Glowsports & Snooker Football

*Some text courtesy of Glowsports & Snooker Football websites

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