Keeping your guests entertained - Extreme sports.

Keeping your guests entertained - Extreme sports

Guests in the hospitality sector are often impressed with extreme displays or extreme sports that they can participate in, as it is something they will not see or do every day. This gives businesses the opportunity to give their customers what they are asking for and increase the amount of interest they get.

We have researched and spoken to a few businesses that offer this in different ways and have given their details to contact as well.

Hover Force:

This company offer thrilling experiences for your clients to enjoy with everything from hovercrafts, dirt buggies and shredders to zorbing and segways! Situated between Chester and Manchester. These services can be offered to individuals or even large groups.

To contact them their phone number is 01928 240444 or email them at [email protected]


Extreme Wheels Roadshow:

Extreme Wheels Roadshows provide a large range of extreme and urban activities for people to engage in along with professional demo shows. They can roll up to almost any location in the UK to deliver a wide range of extreme and urban activities. All of their roadshows offer excellent alternatives to traditional sports that can grab people's attention.

Their phone number to contact is 01246593041 and alternatively their email address is [email protected]

These should give you something to really impress your guests with and give them something they will not forget!


*Photos courtesy of Hover Force & Extreme Wheels Roadshow Facebook page.

*Some text courtesy of Hover Force website & Extreme Wheels Roadshow Facebook page.


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