Keeping your guests entertained - Archery.

Keeping your guests entertained - Archery

Running a business in the Hospitality sector is all about keeping your customers happy. One approach is to keep them entertained and active, this can be done through sports such as Archery that are easy to do, yet are not something your guests will have the opportunity to do very often.

There a numerous Archery companies out there offering their services, but sometimes it can be difficult to know which are reliable and have something different to the next. To help your business with this we have spoken to and researched Archery companies and found two that have a large presence in the UK and offer something a little different.

Battlezone Archery:

This company have turned archery into a competitive team game where participants try to eliminate each other, while also attempting to survive from their opponents. It is also very safe with specialist equipment that gretaly reduces the chance of injury.

If you feel their services may be benificial their email address is [email protected] and phone no. 01652 680019



Another alternative is Laporte who have taken a new spin on clay pigeon shooting. With their sporting arrows, players shoot at moving areial targets with diffrent trajectories and difficulties for all ages and abilities. Laporte also supply a variety of differet equipment.

Their email is [email protected] and phone no. 01949 843777.

We hope this gives you some inspiration for entertaining your guests and giving them a thouroughly enjoyable experience at your location.


*Photos courtesy of Battlezone Archery & Laporte

*Some text courtesy of Battlezone Archery & Laporte websites


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