Campsite pods.

Campsite pods

Finding a campsite pods provider that can build or design high quality accommodation for your clients can be tough, and whittling all the competition out there down to just a few can be hard work. Therefore we have researched and contacted multiple campsite pod providers for you and reduced your options to 3. We hope this post can help you in finding the campsite pods you need.


Denrooms manufactures innovative pod structures, complete from its factory in the Midlands. Due to the relatively compact sizing, they build pods complete, delivering them ready to use almost immediately. Eliminating construction processes on site not only reduces costs considerably versus traditional building methods, but it also allows denrooms to monitor quality at every stage of the build, with added control over all waste generated to reduce environmental impact at all points.

To contact them you can call 0330 555 2333 or email them at [email protected]

Garden hideouts:

The beauty of Garden room is that they bring so much extra pleasure and practicality, all for a relatively small outlay in cost and space. For years the company has been known for their fantastic build quality, adaptability and ingenious use of a limited living area.

To get hold of Garden Hideouts call 01905 794445 or visit their website in the hyperlink above.


CampPlus are slightly different, they are specialists in pods for shower rooms and bathrooms.

With a CampPlus unit, your guests have their own private shower room right next to their caravan or tent. No more trips to the toilet and shower block with the loo roll under your arm...
CampPlus units are plug & play: Just connect them to water, electric and sewerage and they’re ready to go.
There are two options available: the Duo and the Solo

To contact them by phone on 01790 753 153 or email [email protected]

We hope this helps to guide you on your decision.


*Photos courtesy of denrooms, Garden Hideouts and CampPlus

*Some text courtesy of denrooms, Garden Hideouts and CampPlus own websites

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